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This site is edited by: Arne Philip Jorgensen. Last Update: Apr 18. 2023

This site contains the history of the family PHILIP, where the first known ancestor is: Andreas Philip born 1739. His father was probably send for as a skilled gun-smith, maybe from Germany or France. His place of birth is unknown. The king of Denmark Frederik 5 (1723-65) was rearming his forces due to the 7 year war against Preussia (1756-63). In 3 generations, nearly all male members, in the Philip fami!y, were employed in the gun business at "Kronborg Gevaerfabrik" (gun factory near Helsingor). First occurrence of a Philips existence is in 1714 where probably Andreas father is registered as godfather in Hornbaek Church Parish Register. In accordance to old Danish custom, some members had added -sen after the fathers first name. (Philipsen, meaning: son of Philip). Family emigrants in United States of America are for some reason called Phillip with double l. I am aware of famiiy members in Detroit, Michigan (Harth-Philip) and Canada. I also have a cousin in Boston, but with the Philip name in original spelling.

I am sorry to admit that all links refers to documents and tables only written in danish. Anyway Heritage investigators could with benefit use the ancestor table "ANETAVLEN". A danish to english word translation of "ANETAVLEN" can be seen HERE

Due to risk of criminal misuse, only year of birth are present for living persons